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SCHOTT Hard & Clear Coating Solution


  • SCHOTT developed a new hard coating that enables increased performance for many cover glass types.
    Glass substrate + Hard & Clear Coating = Increased Performance (Various glass typesⅠ)
  • SCHOTT AG granted a technology license for Hard & Clear Coating to Zhengxing Optoelectronic (Shenzen).
  • Zhengxing offers mass production with a starting capacity of several million cover glass pieces per month.

    Hard & Clear coatings are designed for mass production

Supply chain for mass production of Hard & Clear

Mass production capability

  • Fits into standard cover glass supply chain. Coating is done after screen printing
  • Uses an inline sputter process to achieve high machine utilization rates
  • Increased yield by
    a coating design that enables a stable color location
    a reduced number of coating layers
  • Low add-on price expected. Target: <2 USD for a 5” cover glass
  • Reduced extra WARP introduced by the coating despite high hardness 

Summary: Hard & Clear coatings reduce reflections and increase scratch resistance.

Hard & Clear coatings

  • keep cover glass almost scratch-free (up to 90% less scratches1)
  • show marginal reflections. (reflections reduced by up to 80%1)
  • outperform many competitor options available
  • includes anti finger print function
  • is suitable for various2 cover glass substrates independent of the brand
  • adds low add on costs


Zhengxing Optoelectronic (Shenzen) offers mass production

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