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      Local time on January 5, 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held media day in Las Vegas, many brands from around the world focus on product news release. Brand from China have been in the media day debut, leading the introduction of the product compelling.

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      There is a saying recently, mobile phones and computer monitors emit blue light, the blue light can damage the human eye lens cause any disease. The truth is that these blue light on the sleep quality of people, induce rhythm disturbances. Darkness on the human body is a natural hint: go to sleep, b...

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      Sunday, January 27, 2013, n Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 2013 New Year Spring Festival will be held in King Palace Hotel Hao Jie, the company leaders all come to participate. In a summary of the previous year and look forward to next year's peaceful atmosphere in the company of all my collea...

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